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The days of most companies handling all aspects of operations in-house and without outside assistance are largely over. In fact, some reports have 68% of U.S. companies in consumer products, one of the largest segments in the country, outsourcing at least some portion of their workforce. While going offshore is one option, business owners in need of contact center help can find ample benefits by instead partnering with one of the reputable U.S. call center outsourcing companies. If beefing up or improving your contact center is a priority for you in 2022, here’s why ShyftOff makes sense as you considerU.S. call center outsourcing companies.


We can scale for seasonality

Not all U.S. call center outsourcing companies are created equally, but those with a versatile business model like ShyftOff can scale when and where you need it. ShyftOff utilizes their GigCX model in which home-based agents self-select 30-minute micro-shifts. We have an extensive roster of U.S.-based agents ready to become certified on accounts, giving them the knowledge they need to properly handle a company’s customer service.


It’s the size of that bank of agents that allows us to scale so seamlessly. For example, let’s say you’ve found that your company has a higher influx of call volume on Mondays and Wednesdays. ShyftOff simply increases the number of shifts available for those days. Heavier call traffic in the first and last weeks of the year or in certain months? We’ve got you covered there too. In-house contact centers or even U.S. call center outsourcing companies that rely on a traditional full-time model don’t have the agility that we do when it comes to the ability to scale.


We can integrate with your existing systems

Whether B2B or B2C, all companies have one thing in common: They have targets and customers. And they likely use some form of customer relationship management (CRM) system to oversee those relationships. AtShyftOff, we recognize how important a CRM system is to a business’s operations, which is why we always integrate with a client’s existing system.


While we can’t say that agents at all U.S. call center outsourcing companies go to the same lengths, ShyftOff agents always ensure that any contact with a customer is noted properly in the CRM system. Those details are crucial for nurturing potential customers and adequately servicing existing ones, and we’d hate for you to lose them.


We have specific knowledge and experience

It’s simply not possible for business owners or leaders to be knowledgeable about everything—and staffing and operating a contact center is one of those things that’s best to leave to the experts. That’s precisely why so many companies elect to partner with ShyftOff or one of the other U.S. callcenter outsourcing companies.


Our knowledge of contact center operations runs the gamut from understanding how to appropriately staff the right number of agents to knowing what systems must be in place to meet various industry standards (includingHIPAA compliance) and much more.


While there are many U.S. call center outsourcing companies,ShyftOff is one of the few that harnesses the power of the GigCX model. Among other things, we’ve found that GigCX helps us hire the right people, which means more experienced and educated agents on our clients’ accounts.


If you’d like to learn more about ShyftOff or the way GigCX works, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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