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Experienced agents available to cover your customer service chat 24/7.

Provide your customers with knowledgeable agents that can help resolve their issues promptly.

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We hire the best agents in the US to support contact centers who prioritize customer service chat. Our agents have the soft skills to make customer chat feel personal again.

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ShyftOff agents are available to provide your customers support when they need it. We can cover your customer service chat on nights, weekends, and holidays.

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ShyftOff is designed to support high-growth startups, large enterprises, and BPOs.

Outsourced customer service chat you can count on

Outsourced customer chat has become a linchpin for businesses aiming to deliver excellent customer service in the digital age. As customer preferences shift towards immediate and accessible support channels, chat-based support offers a real-time solution that aligns with modern communication habits.

However, providing consistent, high-quality chat support can be challenging, especially during peak hours or unexpected surges in demand. This is where outsourcing, particularly through innovative models like ShyftOff's gig-powered approach, comes into play.

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Flexible support for your customer service chat

ShyftOff’s model brings gig power to outsourced customer chat. This model allows contact centers to access a pool of experienced U.S. agents ready to provide top-tier customer chat service. What sets ShyftOff apart is its ability to match contact centers with the passionate agents that want to work with their brand and customers.

Businesses can scale their chat support up or down in real-time, ensuring that customer inquiries are handled efficiently without the need to overstaff or underdeliver.
Contact centers can adjust their support capabilities in real-time, responding to seasonal fluctuations, marketing campaigns, or any unforeseen spikes in support requests.

This adaptability ensures that customer service levels remain consistently high, regardless of the volume of inquiries. Additionally, by outsourcing customer chat to specialized agents, companies can focus their internal resources on core business areas, driving growth and innovation.

“ShyftOff’s platform enables contact centers to scale their customer service chat support in real-time, responding to seasonal fluctuations, marketing campaigns, or any unforeseen spikes in customer demand.”