Experience the power of a fully managed workforce

We simplify agent operations by making it easy to staff perfectly, work with the best talent in the US, and provide customers the highest customer experience.

Optimized customer service powered by humans

A modern work solution to retain top talent

Our model is designed to attract and retain top talent, something traditional models can’t do well.

We’ve solved the logistics of managing high-performing remote teams so you can optimize your customer experience.

Outsourcing designed to meet your business objectives

With the right agents in your contact center, leadership can focus on growth and innovation strategies that improve your customer experience and bottom line.

Improve performance with better agents

In a gig-powered model, agents can choose to work with brands that align with their values and interest. This sense of purpose fosters deeper engagement and better performance.

Why should my contact center go gig?

Without Gig Power

  • High-performing talent isn’t attracted to the rigid schedules of traditional contact centers
  • Hiring the best agents is hard, expensive and time-consuming
  • Pay for training, onboarding and non-productive time
  • Traditional scheduling makes it hard to staff perfect every time
  • Providing reliable support is IMPOSSIBLE
  • Turnover is INSANE

With Gig Power

  • High-quality U.S.-based agents LOVE the flexibility and autonomy gig work offers
  • We have a pool of amazing talent and use AI to find the best agents for your business
  • Only pay for productive time—and save 35% on your contact center costs
  • 30-minute scheduling ensures you always meet customer demand
  • Be ready for peaks, dips and seasonal surges
  • Turnover is almost eliminated

Need more proof?

ShyftOff is designed to support high-growth startups, large enterprises, and BPOs.

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