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How to Become a Flexible Contact Center in Less than 30 Days

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The death of any new technology in a contact center comes down to implementation. Contact centers need solutions that can be implemented relatively quickly to prove value to their operations. With limited resources, adopting tech that takes too long can be a hassle. There’s also a potential for low adoption if the process isn’t clear, straightforward, or easy for your leadership and teams to rally around. 

Modern contact centers require solutions that can be dialed up quickly and seamlessly to truly meet the needs of contact centers. One solution that’s taking the contact center industry by storm because of its ease of implementation is GigCX. This flexible model can go from signing to pilot in as little as 30 days for most contact centers. Piloting a GigCX enables contact centers to unlock the power of an on-demand workforce that can start improving your KPIs. 

Here’s how we help contact centers tap an on-demand workforce in 30 days. 

Figure Out How Many Agents You Need to Support Your Customers

The beauty of an on-demand workforce is its unparalleled flexibility that enables contact centers to staff perfectly. Experienced contact centers know how many agents they need on staff at any time, especially for predictable seasons, which is the starting point for our team.

Even if you don’t know how many agents you need now, our team can help you figure out how many agents you actually need. Our innovation to contact center operations guarantees coverage for normal and busy seasons, creating consistent and sustainable operations for our partners. There are a number of things, both planned and unexpected, that can prevent a contact center from meeting its staffing levels. People don’t always show up, people have difficult schedules to work around, and it can be hard to find good talent all the time. By design, GigCX’s model generates demand on both sides. On one side, there are agents willing and ready to work, and on the other side, contact centers with working hours for these agents.

Identify Your Perfect Agents with AI-Matching

Most contact centers are used to a world where they just need a warm body, even if they don’t exactly meet the requirements to get the job done. Talent shortages are a big deal for contact centers, making it challenging to find the perfect agent all the time. In a GigCX model, we have the opposite problem. We have a large pool of the best talent with the right experience going after the exact same opportunity. In response, we’ve developed an AI-matching technology that identifies and matches the number of rockstar agents you need out of a pool of 500+ highly qualified agents, so you have the most ideal talent fit for your brand.

Our goal is to match the right people who are not only qualified but are also a great culture fit and have special skill sets to excel at the role. This includes identifying agents that align with your brand values, are stellar at inbound sales, or have deep technical knowledge. Our modern AI technology is helping us sort through hundreds of thousands of applicants daily to continually profile our agent talent pool to align with our partners' particular campaigns. The results lead to higher net promoter scores, stellar sales performance, and super-low attrition. 

Get Started with a Small Pilot

GigCX is a model that runs best in parallel with a contact center’s existing year-round operation. GigCX is a necessary operation resource that complements existing staffing functions, even if the contact center already leverages a traditional BPO and has in-house operations to staff FTEs. By adopting this model, contact centers can easily place highly-qualified and engaged agents to fill the gaps caused by absenteeism, high turnover, and inaccurate planning.

We are bullish about this innovative approach to contact center operations. Our pilots are virtually risk-free. Our customers usually see results within the first 90 days and, in some cases, within the first 30 days. Pilots with ShyftOff can start small with the potential to scale up to 100+ FTEs in a matter of weeks. Pilots are most successful when contact centers designate enough hours to keep their gig agent FTEs busy. This function allows gig agents to fully integrate into your processes and become an essential extension of a contact center team.

GigCX also works best when companies leverage this flexible model year-round, not limiting this support to seasonality or one-off events. By designating enough hours to keep gig agents on staff year-round, your contact center can unlock a new secret weapon to scale up and down on demand.

On ShyftOff’s end, we ensure that qualified and engaged agents are intimately matched and trained to support your yearly operations while maintaining a roster of rockstar agents available to scale at a moment's notice. 

GigCX is designed so every contact center can adopt a flexible model in as little as 30 days. With this new model, your modern contact center can say goodbye to missed projections, costly overstaffing, and poor customer experience. 

If your contact center is ready to kick off your GigCX pilot, chat with our team today.

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Cost Savings

How to Become a Flexible Contact Center in Less than 30 Days

Modern contact centers require solutions that can be dialed up quickly and seamlessly to truly meet the needs of contact centers. One solution that’s taking the contact center industry by storm because of its ease of implementation is GigCX.