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With so many recent changes in the industry, it can be difficult for seasoned contact center operators to stay current on the latest and greatest. The most successful contact centers in today’s market have demonstrated the ability to pivot, adopt change swiftly, and implement cost-saving, efficient measures that produce quick ROI. In this blog, we will share tactical advice and key insights on how modern contact centers are “hacking” their operations to improve their processes and lower costs.

Unlocking Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose in Your Agents

As we shift to more dynamic contact center models, GigCX comes to mind. Today’s contact centers are challenged with finding the right talent to meet their service levels, and shifts in how agents think about work are not to be ignored. As highlighted by Daniel Pink and echoed in numerous studies, autonomy, mastery, and purpose are pivotal in driving individual performance. Like professionals in any field, agents seek control over their work schedules and roles that align with their strengths. Autonomy is the linchpin for unlocking their potential.

Furthermore, studies such as those conducted by McKinsey emphasize the critical role of mastery in employee engagement. Placing individuals in roles that leverage their skills not only benefits the agents but significantly contributes to the overall success of the contact center. The question is how can contact centers achieve this without entirely overhauling their current operations? 

This is where flexible models powered by the gig economy come in. At ShyftOff, we support our contact center partners by leveraging AI to match contact centers with high-performing top talent. We find the best agents who want to do the job and pair them with work that fits their unique expertise and skill set. As a result, contact centers can strategically position agents who are guaranteed to excel in their roles, fostering engagement and a sense of purpose in their work. In short, this is one of the hacks contact centers are using to identifying and retaining high-performing talent.

Adapting Training to Foster High-Performing Agents

The traditional model of lengthy classroom training is rapidly becoming obsolete. Findings in a study conducted by Deloitte further support the concept that experiential learning, learning through experience, and reflection/doing are extremely effective in boosting productivity and effectiveness in adult learners. The research suggests that eLearning is not just about technological progress; it's necessary for self-paced, efficient learning. One of the benefits of adopting a flexible model like GigCX is having the ability to integrate this style of training easily without overhauling your contact center’s current processes or workflows. 

By design, this model is built to support high-performing agents with a training program that enables them to progress at their own pace, free from the constraints of a group-paced classroom setting. This approach streamlines the training process and ensures that agents remain engaged and ready for action. Traditional, classroom style training can be costly for most contact centers. With flexible models and the advancement of AI, contact centers can look to cut training costs and training time in half by adopting flexible models.

Reducing Costs and Boosting Performance

There is a compelling case for the cost efficiency of the gig CX model, suggesting potential savings of 35-50% for contact centers. How? By having the exact right number of people at the right time. This is not about sacrificing quality or underpaying agents. Instead, it's about optimizing workforce management, placing agents strategically, and empowering them with autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

The gig CX model enables scaling without the overhead costs associated with traditional recruitment and training. With a platform like ShyftOff contact centers can implement a seamless process to staff high-performing agents in 30-minute intervals. The efficiency gains translate into not just cost savings but an improved work environment and, consequently, a better customer experience.

Scaling Without the Overhead

The scalability of the gig CX model extends beyond the workforce. Traditional recruitment involves significant costs related to marketing, job ads, and data tracking. In previous studies, Indeed has highlighted the financial implications of traditional recruitment methods. With gig CX, these costs can be substantially reduced, making scaling a more streamlined and cost-effective.

Traditional contact center models make it nearly impossible to shift to a scalable method without rethinking their entire operations. They also aren’t designed to fully leverage a remote workforce for high performance. This is where it is crucial to identify a partner like ShyftOff who can help implement and manage a flexible model powered by remote, gig agents. Leveraging technology, we can easily hack your existing model and serve as a backbone to ensure measurable success with high-performing talent from the gig economy.

Adopting Hacks to Improve Your Contact Center Operations

The gig CX model signifies a paradigm shift in how contact centers manage and optimize their workforce.

By adopting a flexible model powered by the gig economy, operators can revolutionize their contact centers, driving efficiency, cost savings, and world-class experience for both agents and customers. While we love to use the term hack, it truly is a strategic imperative in the evolving landscape of contact center management.

For more insights on how GigCX is designed for complex work, you might be interested in the following resources from our blog: 

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