How Does GigCX Find the Right Talent for Complex Work?

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The Gig Economy is no longer just for ride-sharing or freelance writing; it's gradually infiltrating contact centers, offering a more flexible work model that benefits both agents and companies. Gig customer experience outsourcers like ShyftOff are at the forefront of this evolution, employing sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match agent experience with partner staffing requirements. 

In this post, we'll take a closer look into how ShyftOff’s AI-matching technology aids in identifying the most qualified agents for complex work from its 10,000+ US-based agent pool, as well as the onboarding process that ensures these agents meet the high standards of the job.

Why AI-Matching Is Key to Finding Top Talent in GigCX

Traditional recruiting methods often rely on the intuition and judgment of human recruiters who sift through resumes and conduct interviews. While this approach has its merits, it's subjective and limited in scope. ShyftOff’s AI-matching technology, on the other hand, offers a far-reaching analysis of multiple data points, including skill sets, work history, and even behavioral indicators, to match agents to suitable campaigns.

How We Find Hidden Gems in Our Talent Pool

One of the main advantages of ShyftOff’s AI-matching technology is its ability to find unexpected correlations or trends that may not be apparent to human recruiters. For instance, an agent who has demonstrated success in effectively managing multiple campaigns may have specific skills or behavioral traits that indicate they would also excel in a high-stress, high-stakes environment. Alternatively, an agent who has demonstrated sales skills in a non-sales-focused campaign may be perfect for a focused outbound sales campaign. AI can identify these subtleties, enabling companies to place agents in roles where they are most likely to succeed and bring value to the organization.

GigCX’s Onboarding Process is Designed to Narrow In On the Best Talent

At ShyftOff, our onboarding process is quick yet thorough. Agents need to complete a set of requirements, including background checks, skills assessments, and training modules, within a designated time frame to become eligible to work on our partners’ campaigns. The timely completion of these steps not only ensures the agent meets the job's qualifications but also serves as an indicator of the agent’s commitment and proactiveness.

We Measure Responsiveness as a Metric

Responsiveness during the onboarding process serves as a critical metric in determining the best agents for a specific campaign. An agent's ability to promptly meet all requirements demonstrates a level of proactivity and professionalism that is often crucial in a fast-paced contact center environment. This approach mirrors Uber's model, where responsiveness and proactivity are what Uber measures to match riders with drivers who can meet them at the soonest time. For drivers who answer ride requests the fastest, Uber continues to serve them more rides compared to drivers who are slower to respond. We model this same process at ShyftOff. Agents who are most responsive in completing partner onboarding processes and match the qualifications of a partner campaign are prioritized to receive the most opportunities to work with our partners.

Maximizing the Synergy of AI and Agent Onboarding Performance

The magic happens when AI and GigCX come together to form a seamless, efficient operation to help our partners find the best agents quickly and at scale. On one side, our AI-matching technology mines a wealth of data to find the best agents for specific campaigns in record time. Meanwhile, our GigCX model ensures that these agents are proactive, flexible, and highly skilled to ensure we have the perfect fit for agents who must satisfy complex work requirements for our partners.

In summary, the future of contact center operations will be driven by a synergistic relationship between advanced AI algorithms and the flexible, proactive GigCX work model. This combination allows us to match brands with agents who are not just capable and engaged to complete this work but are exceptionally suited for complex work requirements. The outcome is a win-win situation: reduced costs for the company and enhanced job satisfaction for agents, all while delivering a high-quality customer experience.

If you’re ready to match your contact center with the top US-based agents, contact our partnerships team today.

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