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5 Outcomes of a GigCX Operations Model

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Contact centers are crucial in delivering customer support and maintaining customer relationships. In fact, a contact center could be considered the life-blood of any well-run company. 

But traditional contact center operations can be challenging when it comes to staffing and providing the right customer experience. It can be difficult to find employees who you can trust to take care of your customers with enthusiastic positivity. 

Gig customer experience is solving problems with traditional contact centers that we've accepted for decades, and leading contact centers are rapidly adding flexible, GigCx to their operations.

In this article, we'll explore the five outcomes of a GigCX operations model and why more companies are making the shift.

What is GigCX?

In case you're unfamiliar with the term, GigCX is a new way of operating a contact center that leverages gig work and customer experience domain experts to provide support. 

Instead of hiring full-time employees, a GigCX operations model uses a network of freelance and contract workers to staff contact centers. 

Using this model, companies can tap into a pool of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about customer service and have the right experience and expertise.

In recent years, many companies are taking note of the benefits of such a flexible model. 

Why More Companies are Making the Shift to GigCX Models

In today's fast-paced business world, customer expectations are higher than ever (understandably). And it's no surprise that they want immediate, personal, and accurate responses to their inquiries and issues. 

The internet and technology has made it possible to find answers to questions with a few clicks. So when it comes to customer service, prompt and professional attention is important to customers living in a fast-paced world.

To meet expectations, companies must have a customer support operation that can scale quickly and efficiently. 

By leveraging a network of customer experience domain experts, companies can staff their contact centers exactly when they need it and provide a targeted customer experience.

1. GigCX Models Offer Flexible & Optimized Staffing

One of the main benefits of a GigCX operations model is its flexibility with staffing. 

Companies can use gig workers to ensure that their contact center is staffed exactly when it is needed (and by professionals who love working within their industry). 

When comparing a GigCX operations model to traditional staffing models, it's clear that the GigCX model offers more flexibility. 

Take the Uber model, for example. It’s an excellent example of a gig model optimized for customer service. Utilizing gig workers allows Uber to call upon vetted drivers when needed, without the cost of full-time employees. 

2. GigCX Allows Companies to Invest More in Work Culture

With a GigCX model, money saved by right-sizing teams allows companies to invest more in their employers and promote a better work culture and customer experience. They can leverage gig workers available on-demand to provide excellent customer service. 

In other words, this kind of flexibility allows companies to hire the right number of people to maximize productivity all around. 

Agents will be much happier and more engaged when there is more flexibility and autonomy in their lives due to the addition of gig workers. 

It's well-researched that happy employees make happy customers.

3. GigCX Models Can Improve Customer Experience

Another benefit of a GigCX operations model is that it allows companies to tap into domain experts (brand advocates) who enjoy working with customers. 

When companies engage a gig worker within their company’s industry, they’re ensuring that the worker understands the products, services, and nuances surrounding the niche they’ve chosen. 

These professionals are passionate about customer service and have the right experience and expertise to provide the best customer experience. 

4. Keeping up with Digital Channel Trends for Contact Center Ops 

A significant shift in the way customers interact with businesses has recently occurred (and keeps developing). With the rise of digital channels such as social media and mobile applications, customers are increasingly reaching out to companies through these channels for support. 

Because the use of digital channels has increased companies need to be equipped to handle this change in customer behavior.

Which is where GigCX experts come in. GigCX models are designed to accommodate the fast-paced, ever-changing technological world of customer service.

Experts are equipped to handle digital channels and bring the necessary skills and knowledge to provide top-notch customer support through these platforms. 

In a GigCX operations model, companies can easily tap into a pool of talented individuals who specialize in digital customer support, ensuring that their customers receive quick, efficient, and effective support through their preferred channels.

5. A Solution for Call Volume Spikes

GigCX operations models also make it easier for companies to hire qualified professionals at a moment’s notice. Which means that companies can quickly and easily staff their contact centers to meet fluctuating demand. 

Whether there is a sudden spike in call volume or a need for special expertise, a GigCX operations model can provide the support needed to ensure that customers receive the best experience.

In conclusion, a GigCX operations model offers many benefits for companies looking to improve their customer support and provide the best customer experience (as well as save time and money). 

By leveraging a network of customer experience domain experts, companies can save on staffing costs and provide the right customer experience exactly when customers need it. 

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