Utilities Consortium Increases Support Capacity by 10x

Sustainable Westchester Customer Story | ShyftOff
A utilities consortium saves 30% in operational costs and increases agent capacity by 10x with gig-powered model
Sustainable Westchester Case Study | ShyftOff


Sustainable Westchester (SW) is a nonprofit consortium that aims to raise awareness and drive sustainability and environmentally-conscious initiatives.

The nonprofit collaborates with local municipalities and its residents to create a better, more environmentally friendly tomorrow. Recently, that work included assisting the largest city within its coverage area in its transition from fossil fuel-powered electricity generation to 100% renewable, clean energy.


As the nonprofit’s work expanded, the experienced nonprofit employees were overwhelmed with the volume of calls from residents who had questions about the program and wanted to explore their options.


After discussing the problem with the nonprofit, we knew we were equipped to help due to the flexibility and speed ShyftOff can provide clients.


ShyftOff’s ability to quickly deploy customer service agents for clients like this nonprofit is the result of our utilization of a gig-powered model.


Before this spike in volume, the nonprofit utilized an internal team to manage call volume. By adding five trained ShyftOff contact center agents, capacity increased by 10x in just a few hours.

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