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Experience the Benefits of GigCX
GigCX is transforming contact centers with unparalleled flexibility—creating a win-win for agents and customers
Perfect staffing ALL THE TIME
Scale support for unexpected surges or dips
Staff high quality US-based talent
Lower operating costs by 35%


We help companies augment their contact center teams with gig-based agents

How GigCX Works at ShyftOff
Our flexible staffing solution is designed to optimize customer experience without the headaches
Contact Center Onboarding

We work closely with your team for the first 3-4 weeks to setup your on-demand workforce. We understand your staffing requirements, create risk management plans, and establish metrics for success.

Agent Certification

Next, we match you with the perfect on-demand workforce from our thousands of highly-qualified and US-based agents. We qualify, certify, and manage your workforce to ensure they are a valuable extension to your team.


Now we’re ready for takeoff! Your on-demand workforce is ready to go in less than 24 hours notice. Staff perfectly for day-to-day operations, seasonal peaks, and unexpected surges or dips.

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GigCX is the Future of Contact Center Operations
Optimize your contact center with a flexible staffing solution built for scale
Leverage the best US-based CX talent to support your customers
Say goodbye to over-budgeting, complicated workforce planning, and high attrition

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Facts About ShyftOff

We’re bullish about GigCX because it works


Ability to staff all the time




Certified GigCX agents


The average costs savings of GigCX
Frequently Asked Questions
What is ShyftOff?

ShyftOff is a flexible, on-demand contact center platform that matches businesses with the best CX talent. 

We make it easier for businesses to scale up or scale down their contact center operations to meet everyday operations, surges, seasonal peaks, and dips.

We are revolutionizing traditional contact center staffing by enabling companies to staff qualified, US-based FTE agents on-demand–without the overhead of HR, workforce management, or recruiting.

What is GigCX?

GigCX is a term that refers to a customer service model powered by the gig economy that leverages a pool of on-demand, independent contractors or freelancers to provide customer support services.

GigCX allows companies to flexibly scale their customer service operations with on-demand gig-based agents. In short, companies can run an effective 24/7 contact center operation without the hassles or inflated costs of maintaining one in-house.

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How is GigCX different than traditional staffing models?

Traditional contact center operations are complex and are not designed to scale FTE agents to accurately meet customer demand.

Most contact centers rely on their workforce management functions, the heart of contact center operations, to staff contact centers perfectly. This puts a lot of pressure on workforce management teams to maintain operations that are hard to scale and maintain using the existing model.

GigCX is an innovative model that helps contact centers eliminate attrition and staff everyday operations to seasonal peaks and spikes while reducing operating costs.

Companies can leverage a pool of talented GigCX agents on demand to operate their contact centers. GigCX provides a flexible staffing model that supports your in-house team to provide an exceptional customer experience.

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How do you find agents? 

We focus on recruiting experienced customer service agents based in the US. We have an applicant pool of over 20,000 agents with at least 2 years of remote customer support experience.

The secret sauce to attracting the best talent is a killer agent experience. We’ve honed our model to focus on providing a flexible agent experience that allows agents to create their own schedules doing the work they love–supporting customers.

How do you train agents? 

Once our agents have completed their background check and device testing, we invite them onto our platform to start certification. On the platform, they will have access to ShyftOff’s Learning Management System (LMS) to access self-paced training for our partners.

Agents must complete the self-paced training and pass a competency assessment at 100% before being cleared to work for a company’s contact center. As a contact center updates its training, ShyftOff works with you in real-time to update our LMS.

Agents must complete learning modules with updated information before they have access to pick-up shifts to support your contact center. This ensures that the agents working for your contact center are most up-to-date on training to best serve your customers.

How do you handle security?

Maintaining the security and integrity of our partner's data is our top priority.

We have partnered with a leading remote work software that enables agents to download a software-only application on their PC to be within compliance to serve customers. This secure application allows them to launch a completely controlled, secure workspace to work on shifts.

During an agent's shift, this application mimics the same security and controls that an in-house device would have. Once logged out, an agent can regain full control of their personal machine.

What equipment do ShyftOff flex agents use for work?

ShyftOff flex agents use their own devices to work with ShyftOff. Much like popular ride-sharing services, another model built from the gig economy, where drivers bring their own car to pick up rides.

Before an experienced agent can join as a ShyftOff flex agent, we validate mandatory requirements on the type of equipment, internet connection, software, and devices an agent must have to work with our partners.

We also conduct regular video, audio, security, and internet speed tests to ensure their systems are operating at optimal performance.

Does GigCX work for complex call types?

Our ability to support complex call types is really powered by the experience of our agents. We intentionally onboard and certify FTE agents with experience working in contact centers.

For our complex call types, we shortlist our highly-specialized agents to ensure the most qualified agents are paired with our partners.

The other reason we can support complex call types is credited to the proficiency of our self-paced learning management system (LMS). We work hands-on with our partners to convert their training into our LMS, designed to expedite agent onboarding and continually improve resolution proficiency.

Do you have specialized agents for industries like healthcare and insurance?

We have the ability to source qualified gig-based agents with experience in your industry. Our agent onboarding can be bespoke to your business to include the necessary training or certifications required to support your customers.

What’s it like being the coolest contact center solution ever? 

Oh, you caught us blushing! Being the coolest contact center solution ever is quite the honor, we must admit.

It's like strutting around in a Hawaiian shirt at a black-tie event or being the first to dance on the ballroom floor. We like being different–it’s kinda our thing.

We're really passionate about changing contact centers for the better. We want to make it easier than ever to serve customers while creating an exceptional experience for agents. We are bringing out-of-this-world flexibility to contact center operations. Get ready for takeoff! 🚀

How can I apply to be a ShyftOff flex agent?

You can check the requirements and apply to be a ShyftOff flex agent on our Agents page.

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How can I get started with ShyftOff?

Reach out to our team so we can schedule a discovery call to help boost your contact center with GigCX.

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