Digital Health Platform Achieves 2-3x Seasonal Flex

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Digital health startup augments customer care team with on-demand agents to support high-growth and seasonal peaks
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A digital health coaching app that helps patients manage their heart health has over 452,000 subscribers. The app helps users monitor, understand, and manage their heart health from their phones.


With the company experiencing unprecedented high-growth, the customer care team required a partner that could help them ramp up qualified technical support quickly.


ShyftOff provided essential support to a healthcare digital coaching app by leveraging our core value proposition of scalable, high-quality customer service. Our network of qualified, US-based contact center agents ensured that the app could handle a surge in user engagement and support inquiries efficiently.


Working closely with the director of their customer care team, we developed a customized implementation plan to optimize onboarding and identify specialized agents. 

Within 60 days, we trained 2-3x more agents than they required to ensure we could provide reliable support on-demand.


ShyftOff significantly bolstered the support of our healthcare partner by providing reliable, highly qualified agents in a challenging talent market.

Our ability to flex support same day by 2-3x on ensured that the app could handle sudden increases in user engagement and support inquiries without compromising service quality.

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