Tax Software Company Scales 100s of Agents During Tax Season

Tax Season Customer Story | ShyftOff
A leading tax software company leverages ShyftOff’s model to scale hundreds of quality agents during tax season, saving millions in operational costs and improving service quality
Tax Season Customer Story | ShyftOff


The client, a leading tax software company headquartered in the U.S. but with a significant global footprint, is facing a unique challenge. 

During tax season, from January to April, the demand for customer support skyrockets, requiring thousands of additional agents for only a few short periods each year.


Seasonal campaigns come with a mix of upside and risk. They involve aggressive hiring, mandatory weekends, and overtime schedules, followed by an abrupt shutdown, which results in layoffs. 

The client also struggled to find a talent pool capable of supporting their customers during these critical times.


ShyftOff stepped in as a strategic partner that could provide the flexibility and scalability to meet their seasonal demands without compromising service quality.

In total, ShyftOff onboarded over 1,000 high-quality remote agents to the campaign within three weeks. Enabling the tax client to meet the surge in demand with qualified professionals that could support their customers.


ShyftOff developed a custom campaign to attract experienced agents, converted training into a self-paced program, vetted agents for security and compliance, and established a support system for real-time assistance. Their model allowed for rapid scaling and efficient agent onboarding.


With ShyftOff, the client transformed its approach to seasonal customer support.They no longer faced the daunting task of scaling their contact center operations alone.

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