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Flexibility is the Future of customer care.

Partner with ShyftOff to make flexibility possible for your agents and customers.

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Our Story

We know contact centers can be a wonderful place to work, and the best customer experiences start by taking care of your agents.

It's time to re-think the contact center staffing and eliminate mandatory 8-hour schedules, overtime, and low income wages from contact centers.

Contact centers are better when they're flexible, allowing CX teams to staff perfectly as demand fluctuates even surging for the unexpected.

Finally, flexibility is the
key to combatting rising costs with more efficient operations and productivity-based pricing. Flexible contact centers cost 35% less than traditional.

Don't take it from us: download the McKinsey report.

Who Moves Us

Our agents make the difference. Meet some of the amazing people who make ShyftOff a such a wonderful place to work.


Working with ShyftOff is incredible! I’ve worked from home for 16 years and ShyftOff is the best out there. I love the flexibility of making my own schedule. They appreciate how hard we work and offer plenty of incentives. I’ve never worked with a company like them.


I like working at ShyftOff because of the family atmosphere. I just started and it already feels like home.


The flexibility of my schedule is awesome. ShyftOff has a fun, genuine and positive environment. You can tell they want everyone to grow and succeed.

"Working with ShyftOff was a positive experience for our organization. They were accommodating and able to scale and train their agents in an impressive turnaround time. They were great to work with and sourced Quality Agents."


Trevor Clark

Trevor is the Founder & CEO of ShyftOff. He's an expert in building flexible, high performance contact center teams!

Brett Farrar

Brett is the Vice President of Operations at ShyftOff and is responsible for making sure our clients and agents are happy to be working with ShyftOff!

The Future of customer care is flexible.

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