Insurance Company Successfully Onboards 300 Agents to Support Hurricane Claims

Insurance Customer Story | ShyftOff
Insurance company saves millions in operational costs while securing hundreds of agents to be trained and ready to support a highly volatile Florida hurricane season - Hurricane Ian edition!
Insurance Customer Story | ShyftOff


Our insurance partner is a state-run, not-for-profit insurer in Florida’s property insurance marketplace.Established in 2002, our insurance partner serves as an insurer for property owners who cannot find coverage in the private market.

They provide protection for residential and commercial properties against risks such as hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters.


With hurricane season quickly approaching, this insurance company needed to be ready with hundreds of additional contact center agents if and when a hurricane impacts Florida.


By leveraging our gig-powered approach, we quickly ramped up agent support to meet the increased volume, ensuring a swift response to the crisis.

Understanding the emotional impact of natural disasters, we carefully selected agents with strong soft skills to assist customers during this difficult time.


We partnered with the insurance company just before hurricane season was at its busiest, establishing certification processes, ideal agent profiles, onboarding workflows, system integrations, and more to implement the program.


When Hurricane Ian hit Ft. Myers in late 2022, we were activated three days prior to add 300 agents within just 72 hours.

These agents needed to be fully certified on the program within that tight window, which included live role-play sessions.

We successfully onboarded over 300 agents to support hurricane claims, with agents working around the clock for over six weeks while volume remained elevated.

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