Insurance Company Scales 2x Agents Same Day for Hurricane Ian

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It’s impossible to predict when the next natural disaster is going to occur. As a result, insurance providers need their contact center teams at the ready to support their customers in a moment’s notice. ShyftOff’s scalable and cost-effective staffing model enabled the insurer to maintain high-quality service during hurricane season, saving millions in operational costs and ensuring reliable support for their customers.
ShyftOff | Insurance Case Study


Our partner, a state-run, not-for-profit insurer in Florida, provides coverage for properties that cannot find insurance in the private market. Serving 67 counties, they ensure quality service comparable to private insurers, particularly during natural disasters like hurricanes.


With hurricane season approaching, the insurer needed to scale their customer service team by three times with minimal notice. Agents required strong soft skills to assist customers under stress and needed to accurately record claim information.


ShyftOff's flexible gig-powered model enabled rapid scaling of agent support. We onboarded qualified agents familiar with the insurance industry, focusing on those with empathetic soft skills. Our optimized onboarding process allowed for quick deployment, ensuring immediate and accurate customer service during Hurricane Ian.


ShyftOff quickly identified and onboarded top agents from across the U.S. outside hurricane impact zones, ensuring reliable staffing. We developed a custom training program to prepare agents for rapid response, vetted them for security and compliance, and established a 24/7 support system for real-time access to client knowledge. This efficient process allowed us to rapidly scale the workforce to meet the insurer's urgent needs.


ShyftOff's innovative solution provided unmatched scalability and reliability:

  • Achieved 2-3x day-of flexibility and 100% reliability during crises.
  • Reduced operational costs by 35%.
  • Ensured peak staffing during catastrophic events.
  • Delivered 24/7 coverage, meeting high standards of care and accuracy.

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