Telecommunications Company Reduces CPC by 38% and Scales Agents by 1.5x with Same Day Flexibility

Telecom Customer Story | ShyftOff
Our telecommunications partner was in search of a solution capable of addressing high agent attrition rates, difficulty in attracting skilled agents for complex technical support issues, and the need for additional staffing during seasonal peaks and hard-to-staff periods. ShyftOff's scalable and cost-effective staffing model enabled the telecommunications client to handle high call volumes efficiently, ensuring high-quality technical support and reducing operating costs.


Our client, a managed services cooperative, supports over 1,500 rural utilities across 48 states. They provide advanced technology solutions for electric and telecommunication utilities, including smart grid implementation, advanced metering, broadband deployments, and back-office support.


The client faced high agent attrition rates, difficulties in attracting skilled agents for complex technical support, and the need for additional staffing during seasonal peaks. They required a flexible and scalable solution to manage these challenges while reducing operating expenses.


ShyftOff leveraged its network of highly qualified, US-based agents to provide experienced professionals capable of handling complex technical support calls. Our gig-powered model allowed for quick ramp-up to meet seasonal demands and high intraday call volumes. This flexibility and efficiency reduced the client's operating costs by 30%.


ShyftOff developed a custom campaign to attract experienced agents, converted training into a self-paced program, and vetted agents for security and compliance. Within 60 days, we augmented the client's tech support team with high-performing agents, establishing a support system for real-time access to client knowledge.


ShyftOff's solution delivered:

  • 38% reduction in cost per contact (CPC).
  • 1.5x same-day flexibility and 2-3x seasonal flexibility.
  • 16% improvement in utilization.
  • Reliable and productive support during peak volumes and hard-to-staff weekends.

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