Fiber Telecommunications Company Saves 30% in Operating Costs & Solves Tough-to-Staff Intervals

Telecom Customer Story | ShyftOff
US-Based Fiber telecommunications company saves 30% in operating costs and solves tough-to-staff intervals (intraday peaks, nights, weekends) in their technical support contact center with a gig-powered workforce.
Telecom Customer Story | ShyftOff


Our client provides technical support for leading fiber internet services, assisting over 1,500 rural telecommunications providers and affiliates across 48 states. They ensure that these rural internet providers have a robust, scalable support model to effectively assist their customers.


Their tech support team faced significant challenges, including talent shortages in the US, rising wages, high absenteeism, and high attrition rates. Additionally, they struggled with staffing up during peak times in the summer months and fluctuating call volumes throughout the day.


Leveraging our network of highly qualified, US-based agents, we addressed the client's need for experienced professionals capable of handling complex technical support calls with high performance.


In less than 60 days, we provided tangible results to our client to address their challenges.

Our AI-matching technology and priority boarding augmented their existing tech support team with high-performing, US-based agents to manage inbound complex calls.


ShyftOff established a solid partnership and infrastructure for long-term success. Our model offers a strong foundation for continued collaboration between WFM, QA, training, and leadership teams.

Our self-sufficient solution provides a scalable infrastructure to support 100% staffing flexibility while saving 30% in operating costs.

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