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What is GigCX? And why the best contact centers already use it

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Gig staffing models are getting a lot of attention in the customer experience and contact center space. There are many new and exciting companies introducing much-needed innovation into an industry that has used the same staffing model for the last 40 years.

We’re all navigating a new era that challenges our traditional staffing models and stretches our budgets. Pre-pandemic customer experience standards feel like a distant memory and is harder-than-ever to provide. Rising inflation and budgetary pressures are on the horizon, and we expect these headwinds will continue to make life harder for contact center operators.

Leading contact centers are adopting gigcx

Gig staffing models have become prevalent across many industries such as ride sharing, food delivery, and professional services. We rely on companies like Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Instacart, and Upwork every day, and they have become interwoven into the fabric of our economy and customer experience.

Gig staffing models have revolutionized so many facets of our life, offering better customer experiences and often at an affordable rate (but honestly, Uber is getting ridiculously expensive .. their prices are out of control lately).

Workers are fleeing the traditional workforce in favor of more flexibility and control over their work and life. The gig economy has been growing 15x faster than the traditional job market since 2010, according to, and 52% of workers who plan to quit their job admit they are considering a freelance career instead of traditional employment.

This matches up with research that ShyftOff often reports on ( from Pew Research, McKinsey, and others. Our research focuses on the US, but this trend toward freelance and gig is prevalent globally.

We believe agent experience is the root of your customer experience. And that’s why we believe in Gig staffing models for contact centers.

The better you treat your agents, the better they treat your customers. Simple stuff that stands the test of time. So we need to listen to the labor market and adapt to agents’ needs to have a fighting chance at finding and retaining the right support teams for our customers.

We believe this is why the leading contact centers in the world are adopting gig staffing models into their contact centers. Even other outsourcing companies, like our partner Sitel, see the value that gig staffing models bring to agents and customers [LINK CASE STUDY]. Agents are demanding flexibility and fair pay, above all else. Traditional staffing models simply cannot offer that degree of flexibility without the support of a gig partner like ShyftOff (

That's why every Brand and BPO needs a GigCX partner in today’s modern contact center environment.

A gig contact center model, also referred to as GigCX, is a staffing model that supplements your existing contact center with independent, 1099 agents who work remotely and with flexible schedule arrangements. At ShyftOff, 100% of our agents are based in the US, are fulled vetted and background-checked, and are experienced contact center and customer experience professionals.

These are contact center managers, quality assurance analysts, nurses, directors, caregivers, and students who are passionate about helping customers and becoming engrained with businesses they love and teams they connect with. Check out some of the profiles we’ve shared about our agents, and what it’s like working with ShyftOff (

Gig teams can be trained and onboarded just like your internal teams - gig agents become an extension of your team - helping you deliver a consistent and high-quality experience to your customers.

By the way, it’s not JUST about the agent.

Gig staffing models solve major operational and financial challenges.

Gig solves the problems we’ve all dreamt of solving since the beginning of our contact center careers.

Before starting ShyftOff, I was responsible for global operations for a large US telecommunications company. We had a full suite of state-of-the-art technology, large teams of the finest operators, and world-class BPOs to help us run our contact center.

We still struggled to provide a good customer experience when our customers needed us most - busy days, network outages, product recalls, service outages, nights, weekends, etc. Any time our demand surged we had long wait times, and it was difficult to find staff to work nights and weekends.

It wasn't the fault of our partners, management teams, or our agents - like most contact centers today, we weren’t designed to be flexible.

Here are the 4 primary operational benefits that you and your team will get from implementing a gig staffing model into your contact center.

  1. Supply-demand fit - perfectly staff your contact center at all times - eliminate hold times and optimize occupancy every hour.
  2. Surge response - ShyftOff prepares 3-5 times as many agents as you need to ensure that you have a rapid response to unexpected changes in the business. Stuff happens, and gig allows you to adapt in real time.
  3. Better quality agents - Gig is the answer to the hiring challenges in the US - agents want autonomy of when, where, and how much they work. Gig makes that possible for agents, and even allows you to offer the same flexibility to your internal teams
  4. 35% cost savings - Gig staffing models are far more efficient than traditional BPO models - by shifting more of our time and effort to productivity than overhead. Leverage technology instead of large operating teams. Spend 35% less, and hire talented agents above market pay.

Want to keep exploring? Check out some of our case studies to see how other companies are using ShyftOff’s Gig staffing services to drive better customer experiences.

Healthcare Technology Company Seeks Flexibility

Sitel Leans on ShyftOff for Tax Season

Green Energy team handles 10x more calls in 48 hours

We’re excited about a future of contact centers that are built around the most important part: the agents. A better agent experience is a better customer experience. Let us know if you have any thoughts or questions about gig in contact centers, and we’re excited to pave a new path for the industry!

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