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As new technology becomes available, the demands on customer service agents continue to evolve, with complex work becoming increasingly prevalent. Complex work in contact centers encompasses tasks that span multiple systems, involve intricate product or system knowledge, or require nuanced technical understanding to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Addressing these challenges efficiently is essential for contact center operators looking to maintain high service standards while controlling operating costs. 

GigCX is a revolutionary operational model that taps into a highly qualified and experienced workforce that is flexible to meet contact center needs on demand. Through tailored training, these agents are able to become experts at complex work for most contact centers while cutting operating costs and improving customer experience. In this article, we will review how GigCX agents are trained to proficiently execute complex work in a demanding customer environment. 

Understanding The Types of Complex Work in Contact Centers

Complex work in contact centers can take various forms, but it typically involves tasks beyond simple customer inquiries or requiring technical know-how to execute. Here are some common examples that GigCX agents are capable of executing for contact centers. 

Multifaceted Customer Cases: These cases require agents to handle intricate customer issues that demand in-depth product or system knowledge. Agents must navigate multiple systems, access relevant data, and make informed decisions quickly to resolve the issue effectively.

Technical Troubleshooting: Agents often encounter complex technical issues that necessitate troubleshooting across various software platforms or hardware components. They must possess the skills to diagnose problems accurately, navigate detailed knowledge bases to source the correct information, and guide customers toward resolution.

Product Expertise: In cases where the customer's query pertains to a specific product or service, agents need to be well-versed in its features, functionality, and troubleshooting procedures. This level of expertise ensures that customers receive accurate and timely assistance.

Cross-Functional Collaboration: Complex work may require agents to collaborate with colleagues from different departments or specialists with expertise in specific areas. This may include taking detailed notes or records to transfer customer cases to different departments for resolution. Effective communication and teamwork are vital for successful problem-solving.

Adaptation to Unique Situations: Agents must be adaptable to address unique customer scenarios that fall outside the usual support framework. These situations demand creative problem-solving, existing customer service experience,  and a deep understanding of the customer's needs.

The GigCX Approach to Contact Center Training for Complex Work

The secret to training complex work begins with the quality of agents completing the training. Unlike most contact centers, GigCX partners like ShyftOff have a vast pool of talented and experienced contact center agents who are opting into flexible work.

Most of these candidates come from fast-paced environments and have experience working on complex casework. Through ShyftOff’s AI matching, we carefully review each candidate to ensure we find the most qualified agents to complete training for complex work. This ensures better results for both the agent and the contact center.

Aside from finding the right talent to complete our training, we optimize our contact center partners’ existing training for complex work by converting classroom or cohort-style training into self-paced e-learning designed to monitor and track proficiency. We ensure there is a strong process that carefully measures GigCX agents' performance as they complete their training to ensure we have the most qualified agent ready for our partners’ campaigns at any time.

Here’s a look at how training is optimized to ensure GigCX agents are trained properly on complex work.

Flexible Learning Modules: As mentioned earlier, the GigCX model embraces e-learning and self-paced training, allowing agents to engage with content to suit their individual learning preferences and schedules. Complex work often requires a deep dive into various topics, and the flexibility of e-learning ensures that agents can absorb information at their own pace. Oftentimes, we find that GigCX agents are eager to learn and understand to earn opportunities to work on-demand and dedicate more time to training than they would in a traditional setting.

Technical Proficiency Training: Complex work often involves technical components. In addition to self-paced training, we thoroughly test and evaluate each agent's system requirements, including assessments of their ability to install, download, or implement software with guidance from our training team. We also integrate technical training elements like quizzes, step-by-step guides, and hands-on activities to ensure that agents aren’t simply reading information and passing assessments. At each module, agents put their technical skills to the test by navigating systems and troubleshooting issues they just learned. We also bake in a pass/fail process requiring agents to pass the exercise at 100% to continue. If they fail, we do not provide the answers as we want to ensure they have retained and thoroughly understand the material. We also measure how often they fail, as this indicates if they are a true fit for the role or possess the experience to execute complex work.

Progress Monitoring: Supervisors and trainers have access to a structured framework for tracking agent progress through the training modules. This oversight ensures that agents complete their training thoroughly and are well-prepared for their roles. Progress monitoring is especially crucial for complex work, where proficiency is essential.

Problem-Solving Focus: Complex work demands problem-solving skills, and ShyftOff’s training process actively encourages critical thinking and adaptability. Agents are not merely passive learners; they actively engage with content, fostering the problem-solving mindset necessary for tackling complex customer cases. They are also encouraged to leverage a company’s knowledge base, one they would use when supporting customers, to find information to pass modules. 

Continuous Learning Culture: Training in the GigCX model extends beyond initial onboarding. It fosters a culture of continuous learning, where agents are encouraged to stay up-to-date with industry trends, client-specific requirements, and evolving complex work demands. Throughout an agent's tenure at ShyftOff, we require them to refresh their knowledge with new updates or pass certain assessments before they can pick up work again. This ensures that agents are always up-to-date on the latest knowledge required for complex work. This ensures that our agents are well-prepared to serve our partners to meet their service levels.

Why Leverage GigCX Agents for Complex Work?

Augmenting your workforce with GigCX agents empowers contact centers to solve challenges that traditional operational models can’t. With an on-demand workforce, your contact center can reduce operating costs by only paying for an agent’s productive time and minimizing the expenses of your traditional training methods. Additionally, considering that most GigCX agents are experienced in complex work, you have access to a talent pool that can successfully meet your customer needs while improving your customer experience. These agents are capable of resolving multifaceted customer cases, and with a GigCX partner, you have the ability to scale this talent as needed to meet your customer demands. 

In conclusion, complex work is becoming a hallmark of modern contact centers, requiring agents to possess specialized skills and knowledge. GigCX providers like ShyftOff have designed a model that offers a comprehensive training solution that equips agents to excel in this demanding environment. It's a transformational approach that empowers both agents and operators to thrive in the ever-evolving world of customer service.

For more insights on how GigCX is designed for complex work, you might be interested in the following resources from our blog: 

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