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4 Things You Can Learn from Amazon's Approach to Contact Center Optimization

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Today’s contact center leaders have a lot on their plate. It’s hard to find high-quality agents. Attrition is a huge problem. And rolling with the peaks and dips of customer demand feels next to impossible.  

But some companies are finding ways to optimize their contact centers so they’re not just a line item. They’re a thriving business unit with the potential to actually generate money for the organization. 

Take, for example, Amazon.

The e-commerce giant optimizes its contact centers to ensure top-notch customer service that helps the company meet (and maybe even exceed) its target KPIs. 

These fine-tuned systems help Amazon not only deliver excellent customer support. It also allows the company to better weather the rigors of an unpredictable economy and ever-changing customer behaviors. 

Here are four things we can learn from Amazon’s contact center optimization efforts. 

Smart Technology Can Be Your Contact Center’s Best Friend

To help optimize its contact center operations, Amazon relies on the most advanced AI and machine learning technology.

For example, AI-driven chatbots handle most basic queries, freeing up human agents to tackle more complex issues. 

This strategy leads to reduced hold time and agent fatigue — and happier customers. 

Example of Amazon’s AI-driven chatbot interaction

Robust Training Makes Your Agents More Confident and Productive

Amazon invests heavily in training and developing its contact center teams. Agents regularly attend rigorous training programs that cover everything from product knowledge to customer service skills. 

Amazon also continually updates these training programs to reflect the latest tools and processes. The company knows that great agents want to feel challenged. Giving them the tools to grow makes agents more confident and productive.

Flexible Teams Let You Handle Peak Demand With Ease

Amazon uses sophisticated systems to predict call volumes and adjust staffing levels accordingly. This means the retailer can keep service levels high even during peak times.

Holiday rush? No problem.

By accessing a pool of over 100,000 agents — many of whom are remote — Amazon can scale operations quickly to handle any surge.

Giving agents the option of remote work and flexible schedules keeps them engaged and passionate. It also allows the company to tap into a wider talent pool and reduce operational costs.

On Cyber Monday 2023, online consumers spent $15.7 million per minute at the peak hour of 10 pm - 11 pm EST. Over one billion items were purchased from Amazon during the Thanksgiving weekend sale of 2023.

Customer-Focused Strategies Help You Scale Faster

At the heart of Amazon’s strategy is a strong customer-centric philosophy. 

Since its inception, Amazon has gathered many years of customer data. This helps the company drive more personalized experiences. Customers feel valued and understood — which helps solidify brand loyalty.

Amazon also scales personalization by embracing an omnichannel contact center. Whether customers prefer phone, email, chat or social media, Amazon’s got them covered.

This flexibility lets the company be there for every customer on every channel — which creates brand loyalty that helps the company boost its ROI now and for years to come.  

Amazon Connect Agent Workspace (front end)

Four Strategies to Steal From Amazon’s Approach to Contact Center Optimization

Let’s look at four key strategies Amazon relies on to optimize its contact centers — and how ShyftOff can help you do the same — while saving 35%.

Invest in Cutting-Edge Technology

The importance of investing in tech can’t be overstated. AI-driven chatbots and sophisticated analytics platforms help manage customer interactions and provide valuable insights.

ShyftOff uses AI to find and screen the best U.S. agents, so you can scale quickly and with confidence — without having to worry about staying in the loop on the latest tech. 

Empower Agents Through Training

Training and development are key. Comprehensive training programs ensure agents are well-prepared, confident and up-to-date with the latest trends and tools.

At ShyftOff, we handle all the onboarding and training so your expert agents can get to work ASAP — and you can worry about more important things.

Embrace a Flexible Management Style

Giving agents the freedom and autonomy to work remotely and work more flexible shifts helps attract a more diverse talent pool and improves employee satisfaction.

It also allows you to better handle peaks and surges.

With ShyftOff’s 30-minute scheduling, you’re always ready to meet customer demand. 

Prioritize Customer Satisfaction

With personalized interactions and multi-channel support, a customer-centric approach creates brand loyalty.

ShyftOff guarantees your customers are in great hands with U.S.-based agents who are passionate, experienced and ready to serve. 

How Can ShyftOff Help You Optimize Your Contact Center?

Looking to emulate Amazon’s success, but lack the resources of a trillion-dollar company? 

ShyftOff can help. We make it easy to provide the best customer support. For less.

At ShyftOff, we know that the better you treat your agents, the better they treat your customers. 

That’s why we give agents the flexibility, autonomy and training they need to provide the best customer support.

We also use AI-powered matching to ensure agents are well-suited to their tasks — boosting performance and customer satisfaction. 

Finally, our interval precision scheduling lets you staff perfectly to meet customer demand.

Ready to Take Your Contact Center to the Next Level? 

Our U.S.-based agents are passionate about delivering exceptional customer service experiences so you can meet — and even exceed — your KPI and ROI targets. All while saving 35% on your contact center operations.

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4 Things You Can Learn from Amazon's Approach to Contact Center Optimization

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