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Adopting a GigCX Ops Model for Your Contact Center

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With the growing number of layoffs, it can become difficult for some businesses to continue to meet customers' needs in the ways they demand. Today’s customers have higher expectations from business contact center ops, particularly in speed and quality of digital customer service. 

To efficiently cater to this drastic change in employee numbers and lighten the mounting pressure on your contact center agents, contact center leaders need to rethink their staffing model. A gig customer support team is an opportunity to leverage "as-needed" talent while still maintaining your standard for excellence when it comes to serving your customers. 

Contact centers that leverage a gig customer support team will maintain a high level of customer service, keep costs low, and avoid compromising on brand experience/expectations. In short, GigCX is a staffing model that supplements your existing contact center with independent, 1099 agents who work remotely and with flexible schedule arrangements.

The rise of GigCX operations

The gig staffing model has become pretty standard in our day-to-day lives for both consumers and businesses — from hiring pros to mount TVs to ride-sharing. This growth is especially prevalent in the support services field, as shown in the chart below. 


Leading contact centers around the world are paying attention to this development in the labor market, and a few have already adopted the gig contact center model due to the various operational benefits it provides. These benefits include flexibility, cost savings, an increase in productivity, and maintaining a memorable customer experience. 

For the contact centers that are tapping into GigCX, they are able to tap into exceptional freelance talent that can provide specialized assistance to their customers. A Gig Customer Experience model also enables businesses to provide support 24/7 and staff their contact center at otherwise challenging times–think 2 am - 6 am.

This new approach to contact center operations makes it easier for contact centers to scale the operations on-demand to satisfy impromptu surges or changes in customer demand. Sitel, a contact center supported by ShyftOff’s GigCX model, was able to staff its contact center from zero to 300 agents in just three weeks

If you’re wondering whether the GigCX model is the right fit for your contact center, check out the benefits you gain from implementing the staffing model. 

  1. Adequate supply for your demand: A GigCX model can virtually eliminate wait times for contact centers, by providing as many support staff as required to meet your customers’ needs. 
  2. Better quality of service: One of the biggest impacts on the quality of customer service, is the agent experience. GigCX agents are empowered with autonomy and flexibility in how, where, and when they work. With this flexibility, agents are happier and in turn, this translates to better service for your customers.
  3. Faster response to surges: Working with a GigCX partner like ShyftOff contact centers can staff as many agents on-demand as needed to handle peak periods and unexpected business changes. 
  4. Extreme cost savings: Transitioning to a GigCX model saves contact centers on average up to 35% of costs related to contact center operations. It is more efficient than regular customer service outsourcing models, as it helps you focus more time and effort on productivity, instead of overhead costs.  

4 Steps To Help Your Contact Center Adopt GigCX

The GigCX model is the innovative customer support solution that businesses are just starting to tap into. With the right implementation, a GigCX model can be a revolutionary operations model for contact centers. 

If you’re ready to successfully transition to a GigCX staffing model, here’s what to expect from working with a partner like ShyftOff.

  1. A Strong Partnership with a GigCX Partner

Many companies tend to be concerned about the quality of training for gig-based workers, especially when it comes to handling sensitive data or information from their customers. This is where the right GigCX partner comes in. Once you narrow in on the right partner to help you adopt a gig customer experience model, they will work alongside you to develop a detailed onboarding program to ensure your gig-based teams meet the standard of your in-house agents. This partnership is crucial and often a big undertaking to do so without the right GigCX partner in your corner.

  1. A Mindset of Flexibility

Flexibility is the fuel of a solid GigCX solution. This not only applies to the way gig-based workers create their own schedules but also to how contact center leaders think about their operations. The rigid schedule adherence, performance-management models, and metrics that worked for traditional customer support models may not be effective in a gig-worker model. 

With the support of a GigCX partner like ShyftOff, you can develop a model that promotes flexibility in schedule but also in the way you scale gig-based agents on your team. If this sounds like something you’re ready to start, reach out today, and let’s chat.

  1. Lean on Your GigCX Partner to Help Identify and Manage Risk

With the swift growth in the gig economy, many regions and jurisdictions (such as California, The UK, and Spain) are starting to impose regulations on the gig labor market, which may affect your organization. To avoid legal issues or damage to your reputation, it’s highly essential for your GigCX partner, with your support, to continuously conduct in-depth regulatory assessments. 

  1. Align on Metrics of Success with your GigCX Partner

As your GigCX program kicks off, it becomes essential to narrow in on the key performance indicators and metrics to evaluate your GigCX workers. A strong GigCX partner can help you identify what you should measure, when, and how with your new gig-based workforce. A GigCX partner will monitor these metrics closely and share them to enable you and your partner to adjust your GigCX model for the best results.

If a GigCX model is something you’re ready to adopt for your call center, reach out to the ShyftOff sales team today to schedule a demo

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