Healthcare Tech Company Scales Agents by 2.5x with Same Day Flexibility

Healthcare Customer Story | ShyftOff
A healthcare technology company partnered with ShyftOff to improve their customer service for end users and their life-saving technology. ShyftOff's agile and efficient staffing model enabled the digital health app to manage rapid growth and seasonal peaks effectively, ensuring high-quality technical support and driving continued success.
Healthcare Tech Case Study | ShyftOff


A digital health coaching app that aids users in managing heart health through FDA-cleared technology and personalized guidance has experienced rapid growth, reaching over 452,000 subscribers. The app features a Bluetooth blood pressure monitor, medication tracking, and health management tools.


As the app's popularity surged, the customer care team struggled to keep up with technical support demands. Finding qualified, affordable talent with expertise in app-related technologies and HIPAA guidelines was challenging. The company needed a partner to quickly scale their support team to manage the high-growth demands.


ShyftOff provided scalable, high-quality customer service through a network of US-based agents. These agents, well-versed in technical support for app-based products, ensured efficient handling of increased user engagement and support inquiries. ShyftOff's flexible model allowed for rapid scaling to meet peak demands, maintaining high customer satisfaction.


ShyftOff developed a custom implementation plan, collaborating closely with the client to optimize onboarding and identify specialized agents. Within 60 days, we trained 2-3x more agents than needed, ensuring reliable support on-demand. This included selecting agents with HIPAA knowledge and technical expertise.


ShyftOff's solution provided:

  • 42% reduction in cost per contact (CPC).
  • 2.5x same-day flexibility and 2-3x seasonal flexibility.
  • 17% improvement in utilization.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and seamless support during peak periods.

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