Global BPO Scales 300 Agents in 3 Weeks to Support Tax Software Client

Global BPO Customer Story | ShyftOff
One of the top three BPOs in the world needed a flexible partner to satisfy their customer’s seasonal demand surge for tax season. ShyftOff's flexible staffing model provided the BPO with a scalable, cost-effective solution, ensuring top-tier performance and productivity during critical periods.
Global BPO Customer Story | ShyftOff


A leading U.S.-based global BPO needed assistance managing customer service surges during tax season. ShyftOff, known for providing flexible, high-quality staffing solutions, partnered with the BPO to handle increased customer inquiries, leveraging a gig-powered model.


The BPO faced a significant challenge during tax season, dealing with a high volume of sensitive customer information and requiring U.S.-based agents who pass rigorous background checks. Traditional staffing methods proved insufficient, leading to aggressive hiring and layoffs.


ShyftOff joined the campaign for the last five weeks of tax season, focusing on difficult-to-staff hours (4pm to Midnight EST). They onboarded over 300 remote agents within three weeks, a mix of experienced and new agents, ensuring seamless support for phone, chat, and video inquiries.


ShyftOff developed a custom campaign to attract experienced agents, converted training into a self-paced program, vetted agents for security and compliance, and established a support system for real-time assistance. Their model allowed for rapid scaling and efficient agent onboarding.


The partnership yielded outstanding results:

  • 100% productivity
  • Perfect staffing during peak times and weekends
  • 16% improvement in utilization
  • Millions saved in operational costs
  • Boosted NPS performance

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