Insurance company seeks on-demand, scalable staffing solution for storm events

Shyftoff staffs 150 agents in time for hurrican ian


A leading Florida property and casualty insurance company that insures waterfront and costal homes partnered with ShyftOff to prepare for Hurricane Ian. This company required a large team of bilingual, US-based agents that could be staffed on-demand to serve customer immediately after hurricane impact.

Partner Challenges & Needs

It’s impossible to predict when the next natural disaster is going to occur. As a result, insurance providers need their contact center teams at the ready to support their customers in a moment’s notice. Their traditional staffing model was not flexible enough to affordably dial-up scalable agent support on-demand.

  • Need a flexible staffing solution that could 3x staffing of FTE agents in a moment’s notice
  • Impossible to predict surge demand - needs a rapid response model
  • Require Spanish bilingual, US-based agents
  • Accurate staffing at a affordable, low cost
  • Agents must be available for 24/7 operations
  • Empathetic and supportive agents with experience providing exceptional support

The Results

Saved MILLIONS in operational costs

Removed the guesswork from rapid response staffing

Provided 24/7 quality coverage

We work closely with your team for the first 3-4 weeks to setup your on-demand workforce. We understand your staffing requirements, create risk management plans, and establish metrics for success.


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hurricane iAN rapid response timeline

09-23-2022 Tropical storm Ian formed
09-25-2022 ShyftOff activates over 150 FTE agents
09-26-2022 Ian strengthens to a major hurricane
09-27-2022 Agent training and certification complete
09-28-2022 Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Florida
09-29-2022 Florida residents begin rebuilding
ShyftOff provides 24x7 support for the next 6 weeks

what our partner thinks

Working with ShyftOff was a positive experience for our organization.

We were in a situation that required significant additional customer support urgently, due to a project rollout. Trevor and Brett were accommodating to our needs for the call volume, and they were able to scale and train their staff for our campaign in an impressive turnaround time and schedule the needed staff for the duration of the service contract.

Throughout the service period, they were available via Slack, email, and phone, and practiced consistent communication in checking in with us on any information they needed, and whenever we had a question, they came back to us promptly.

They were great to work with and sourced quality agents.

Jessica Meister

Communications and Client
Services Manager,
Sustainable Westchester

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