Leading BPO needs gigcx partner to support tax software customer

ShyftOff onboards 2000 agents & staffs 100s of FTE on peak days


One of the top three BPOs in the world needed a flexible GigCX partner to satisfy their customer’s seasonal demand surge for tax season. Partnering with ShyftOff, this BPO significantly scaled staff (385 FTE agents on peak days) with less effort, experienced tremendous cost savings, and increased profitability.

BPO Challenges & Needs

Staffing up to support short demand spikes is notoriously daunting for contact center leaders. For this BPO, they needed a scalable solution to support their tax software customer that has one of the most extreme seasonal demand surge of any industry. Historically, the three weeks leading up to the tax deadline yield the most customer calls.

  • Need a flexible model that could scale up and down to satisfy tax season volatility
  • Want a staffing solution that can drastically reduce costs and increase profitability
  • US-based agents with extensive background checks
  • Fully-managed training, scheduling, and management of on-demand agents
  • 24/7 staffing with the ability to scale on-demand support within hours notice
  • Responsive and supportive agents to provide exceptional service to customers

The Results

Saved millions in operational costs, increasing bpo profit

Leader in NPS performance across all partners

Increased agent support by 22x in 2-3 weeks

We work closely with your team for the first 3-4 weeks to setup your on-demand workforce. We understand your staffing requirements, create risk management plans, and establish metrics for success.


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Why ShyftOff makes sense for BPOs

ShyftOff attracts and retains high-quality, experienced agents BPOs want—eliminating attrition for BPO partners
ShyftOff’s model is designed to reduce costs by providing quality FTE agents without the overhead of staffing them full-time—BPOs only pay for their productive time
Staff perfectly for seasonality and hard-to-staff intervals with a large pool of reliable agents that opt-in to work these hours—creating a win win for BPOs and agents
Increase profitability by mitigating overstaffing, over-spending, and poor service levels
Make your customers happier by providing exceptional and timely support

what our partner thinks

Working with ShyftOff was a positive experience for our organization.

We were in a situation that required significant additional customer support urgently, due to a project rollout. Trevor and Brett were accommodating to our needs for the call volume, and they were able to scale and train their staff for our campaign in an impressive turnaround time and schedule the needed staff for the duration of the service contract.

Throughout the service period, they were available via Slack, email, and phone, and practiced consistent communication in checking in with us on any information they needed, and whenever we had a question, they came back to us promptly.

They were great to work with and sourced quality agents.

Jessica Meister

Communications and Client
Services Manager,
Sustainable Westchester

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